Community Awareness Report of -2015 Community Awareness Report of -2016

How to cope with examination stress?
There are several ways one can handle stress during exam preparation. The more means you use, the more you feel confident and chances of doing well in examination
Revision tips
Revise subjects & practise writing as an actual simulation of examination itself. Plan your revision and complete it in time. Spend as much time on recall as on reading.
Time out
Take a short break as soon as you notice your mind is losing concentration. Avoid gossip and loud music. Mind and body perform at their best only if you get adequate rest.
Maintain regular sleep pattern
Don't alter your sleeping cycle. A regular seven hours of sleep is mandatory for the body to function well. Try and stop working half an hour before bedtime.
No distractions
Keep all unimportant issues at bay. Stick to routine activities that keep your study continuum. Count reverse number series e.g. 473, 472,2320,2319,2318 & more.
The power of positive thinking
Spend time with people who have a positive effect. Avoid negative thoughts, such as 'Everyone else seems better organised’. During the week preceding the exam, visualize yourself doing well in the examination.
Practise relaxation techniques
Practise deep breathing, meditation and yoga as forms of relaxation. Take a brisk walk in fresh air after your day's revision is over. Prayer will help you to increase your confidence & reduce stress as well.
Recent News & Events
  • 1. 597 nodal teachers were trained in Life skills & SRH education program in 2014.
  • 2. Consultation meeting with commissioner-cum-Project director ,OPEPA , Odisha for rolling out the intervensions in all KGBVs of Odisha .
  • 3. 90 peer educators organized Community Awareness Program on Life skills & SRH during summer vacation (May and June) 2014.
  • 4. Consultation meeting with commissioner-cum-secretary ,SC and ST development department for upscaling the intervention in 30 districts of Odisha.
  • 5. Organised training for 41 newly inducted District Resource persons on LSE & ARSH .
  • 6. Organised training for 55 newly inducted KISS teachers on LSE & ARSH .
  • 7. Organised Capacity building training on life skills based SRH education for 66 teacher educators under DIET at Puri from 3rd to 5th Sept'14.
  • 8. Organised Training program on Life Skills based SRH education for 30 Gender Coordinators under OPEPA at Puri from 2nd to 4th Sept'14 .
Recent Visitors
  • Visit of Dr. Mark Derueuw, the Deputy Country Representative, UNFPA India.
  • Visit of Mrs. Aparajita Sarangi, Commissioner cum Secretary, School & Mass Education Department, Government of Odisha.
  • Visit of Shri Vilasrao Deshmukh, Hon'ble Union Minister of Science & technology and Earth Sciences, Government of India.
  • Visit Of Dr. Dinesh Agarwal UNFPA, New Delhi.
  • Mr. Anders Thomsen, Deputy Representative India, UNFPA visited and witnessed the Nodal Teachers Training Programme.
  • Mr. S.K. Popli, Director, SSD Department, Govt. of Odisha will visited and witnessed the Nodal Teachers Training Programme.
  • Visit of Ms. Frederika Meijer, Representative, UNFPA, India