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A fantasy is a situation imagined by an individual or group that has no basis in reality but expresses certain desires or aims on the part of its creator. Fantasies sometimes involve situations which are impossible (such as the existence of magic powers) or highly unlikely; or they may be more realistic. Fantasies can also be sexual in nature. Another, more basic meaning of fantasy is something which is not real, or cannot be real.

In everyday life, individuals often find their thoughts pursue a series of fantasies concerning things they wish they could do or wish they had done...fantasies of omnipotent control or of sovereign choice or of sexual licence... daydreams. Perhaps indeed 'Dreams of office and power as motives of action - the Treasury Bench and the "Marshall's stick"...are almost universal and usually unavowed'.The roots of such dreams may lie in the omnipotence of the three year old, still liable to 'proclaiming that he was God...behind this outburst was a day-dream, a wish to be all-powerful, to compel others to do his bidding...[like an] underpaid clerk in a department store who consoled himself at night with dreams of glory in which a stroke of fortune put him in the boss's job.

Sexually speaking, men in particular 'may be driven to nurse their fantasies by looking at films and strip-tease shows, or by day-dreaming over pornographic material...when [their] feeling attitude toward life has remained infantile'. Alternately, one[who?] might valorise women's fantasies as 'brilliant insights into what motivates real life - clues to our identity as valuable as the dreams we dream at night...Fantasy is where the sexual drive does battle with opposing emotions'.

Vaillant in his study of defence mechanisms took as a central example of 'an immature defence...fantasy - living in a "Walter Mitty" dream world where you imagine you are successful and popular, instead of making real efforts to make friends and succeed at a job'.Fantasy, when pushed to the extreme, is a common trait of narcissistic personality disorder; and certainly 'Vaillant found that not one person who used fantasy a lot had any close friends'.

Other researchers and theorists find that fantasy has beneficial elements - providing 'small regressions and compensatory wish fulfilments which are recuperative in effect'.[8] Research by Deirdre Barrett reports that people differ radically in the vividness, as well as frequency of fantasy, and that those who have the most elaborately developed fantasy life are often the people who make productive use of their imaginations in art, literature, or by being especially creative and innovative in more traditional professions.

Recent News & Events
  • 1. 597 nodal teachers were trained in Life skills & SRH education program in 2014.
  • 2. Consultation meeting with commissioner-cum-Project director ,OPEPA , Odisha for rolling out the intervensions in all KGBVs of Odisha .
  • 3. 90 peer educators organized Community Awareness Program on Life skills & SRH during summer vacation (May and June) 2014.
  • 4. Consultation meeting with commissioner-cum-secretary ,SC and ST development department for upscaling the intervention in 30 districts of Odisha.
  • 5. Organised training for 41 newly inducted District Resource persons on LSE & ARSH .
  • 6. Organised training for 55 newly inducted KISS teachers on LSE & ARSH .
  • 7. Organised Capacity building training on life skills based SRH education for 66 teacher educators under DIET at Puri from 3rd to 5th Sept'14.
  • 8. Organised Training program on Life Skills based SRH education for 30 Gender Coordinators under OPEPA at Puri from 2nd to 4th Sept'14 .
Recent Visitors
  • Visit of Dr. Mark Derueuw, the Deputy Country Representative, UNFPA India.
  • Visit of Mrs. Aparajita Sarangi, Commissioner cum Secretary, School & Mass Education Department, Government of Odisha.
  • Visit of Shri Vilasrao Deshmukh, Hon'ble Union Minister of Science & technology and Earth Sciences, Government of India.
  • Visit Of Dr. Dinesh Agarwal UNFPA, New Delhi.
  • Mr. Anders Thomsen, Deputy Representative India, UNFPA visited and witnessed the Nodal Teachers Training Programme.
  • Mr. S.K. Popli, Director, SSD Department, Govt. of Odisha will visited and witnessed the Nodal Teachers Training Programme.
  • Visit of Ms. Frederika Meijer, Representative, UNFPA, India