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Infatuation is the state of being completely carried away by unreasoned passion or love: 'expresses the headlong libidinal attraction' of addictive love. Usually, one is inspired with an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone.

Because in common parlance, 'infatuation is extravagant or foolish love, an infatuated person, quite commonly, is someone who in over-valuing the beloved has mistaken beliefs concerning her or him'.[2] Some consider that ' perhaps infatuation can only be distinguished from romantic love in retrospect...others suggest that infatuation may be the first step towards love...can grow into a more mature love'[3] - marks the first stage of a relationship before 'a bumpy, but nonetheless inevitable, transition from romantic infatuation to mature intimacy'. In such a view, 'lovers begin as prolifically inventive, producing enthralling illusions about each other.. only to be disappointed into truth'.

In the case of infatuation, there is usually an obsessor and an object of desire, who may or may not be attainable. In its "pure" state, infatuation is characterized by unrealistic expectations of blissful passion without positive relationship growth or development, and by a lack of the trust, loyalty, commitment, and reciprocity found in maturer love.

  • ' Three types of infatuation' have on occasion been distinguished - the first, and perhaps most common, being a state of 'being carried away, without insight or proper evaluative judgement, by blind desire'.
  • In a second instance, 'evaluation...may well be sound although the craving or love remains unaffected by it'; while 'a third type is that of the agent who exhibits bad judgement and misevaluation for reasons such as ignorance or recklessness',regardless of their desire.
  • Recent News & Events
    • 1. 597 nodal teachers were trained in Life skills & SRH education program in 2014.
    • 2. Consultation meeting with commissioner-cum-Project director ,OPEPA , Odisha for rolling out the intervensions in all KGBVs of Odisha .
    • 3. 90 peer educators organized Community Awareness Program on Life skills & SRH during summer vacation (May and June) 2014.
    • 4. Consultation meeting with commissioner-cum-secretary ,SC and ST development department for upscaling the intervention in 30 districts of Odisha.
    • 5. Organised training for 41 newly inducted District Resource persons on LSE & ARSH .
    • 6. Organised training for 55 newly inducted KISS teachers on LSE & ARSH .
    • 7. Organised Capacity building training on life skills based SRH education for 66 teacher educators under DIET at Puri from 3rd to 5th Sept'14.
    • 8. Organised Training program on Life Skills based SRH education for 30 Gender Coordinators under OPEPA at Puri from 2nd to 4th Sept'14 .
    Recent Visitors
    • Visit of Dr. Mark Derueuw, the Deputy Country Representative, UNFPA India.
    • Visit of Mrs. Aparajita Sarangi, Commissioner cum Secretary, School & Mass Education Department, Government of Odisha.
    • Visit of Shri Vilasrao Deshmukh, Hon'ble Union Minister of Science & technology and Earth Sciences, Government of India.
    • Visit Of Dr. Dinesh Agarwal UNFPA, New Delhi.
    • Mr. Anders Thomsen, Deputy Representative India, UNFPA visited and witnessed the Nodal Teachers Training Programme.
    • Mr. S.K. Popli, Director, SSD Department, Govt. of Odisha will visited and witnessed the Nodal Teachers Training Programme.
    • Visit of Ms. Frederika Meijer, Representative, UNFPA, India